The famous Furnas Stew

The famous Furnas Stew
admin admin April 24, 2020 Restaurants

The Furnas Stew is the most characteristic meal of the gastronomy of the island of São Miguel.

Visiting São Miguel and not eating the stew of Furnas is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope.

The main ingredients are basically the same as the Portuguese Stew, with local meats and sausages, but its slow cooking (about 5 to 7 hours) buried in the Furnas boilers gives it a unique and characteristic flavor. In addition to the meats and local sausages, the Stew does not dispense with sweet potatoes, yams and black pudding.

In Furnas all restaurants serve the Stew, but I highly recommend Tonys restaurant, located in the center of Furnas, next to the church. Besides being the best known, there are no surprises. Two other good options are the restaurant of the Hotel Terra Nostra, and the restaurant of the Camping.

The Terra Nostra restaurant is the most expensive, plus includes the ticket to visit Terra Nostra Park, which costs € 8 per person. If you are planning to visit the park after having lunch the stew is a good option.

The campsite restaurant is best known by locals, but is good value for money and has discounts for groups and families.

It is advisable to book, especially in high season.