Best things to do in São Miguel Island (Outdoor activities)

Best things to do in São Miguel Island (Outdoor activities)
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The island of São Miguel has immense activities for all tastes and ages due to its diverse cultural offer, but also to its immaculate nature that gives these experiences a different flavor, which will provide unforgettable moments, breathtaking panoramic views and transmit the tranquility so characteristic of these magical places.

The purpose of this article is to show you the best activities to do while visiting the island. We invite you to know and experience the best that São Miguel has to offer: its nature.


Canoeing / Kayaking 

Canoeing and kayaking are some of the best activities you can do on the island, both in fresh water, where you´ll be surrounded by luxurious green landscapes, or in the sea, where you can seize the opportunity to explore the caves and watch the birds. It is an experience that you will certainly not forget.


Horseback rides

Combining love for these animals and nature is very easy in São Miguel, as this island offers the best of both worlds. Here, you can enjoy the wonderful scenery and venture on a pure or crossed Lusitanian horse, exploring the beautiful landscapes, either around the lakes, on the beach, or in many other places equaly magical ana special.


Bike Tours

If you prefer cycling, you can also do it on São Miguel. There are routes for all levels, where you can enjoy the beauty of the lakes, stop at the key viewpoints to rest and let yourself be dazzled by the view, whether by dirt or asphalt, you will have many options to explore the island on two wheels.


Jipe/Quad Tours

For the more adventurous, São Miguel also offers jeep or quad tours, guaranteeing adrenaline with a unique landscape. Embark on this off-road adventure, where you can go to places where access is more difficult (or even impossible) by car, and explore the island through the less traveled paths.


Hiking Routes

São Miguel offers a wide range of trails to explore, which perfectly combine its unique and peaceful landscapes and physical exercise.

For nature lovers, there are many walking routes that you can take, according to your preference – some of medium difficulty, others of greater difficulty, but there are also the easiest ones – all deserve to be explored and they will be worth beautiful photographs. to remember later!


Thermal Pools

This is one of the most famous and appreciated experiences, both by residents and by those who visit the island.

Here, you will have the opportunity to take a reinvigorating bath in high iron content thermal waters, which will not only relax you, but also have many other health benefits, as they are rich in minerals.

When visiting São Miguel, you cannot miss a good swim in these therapeutical waters.




For sea lovers, a dip in the calm and clear waters of São Miguel is truly a must.

This island offers several places where you can dive and observe its fabulous marine life. There are some places that are wonderful and worth exploring, such as the archaeological park of the Dori shipwreck (a Liberty Ship from the second world war) and the marine reserve around the Vila Franca do Campo islet.


Whale & Dolphin Watching

Another very popular activity among those who visit us is the observation of cetaceans. This is an adventure for the whole family, available throughout the year, which will allow you to meet face to face with these beautiful marine species.

As the Azores are located in the middle of routes of the most varied species, the archipelago is the ideal destination for those who wish to see and even interact with  cetaceans in their natural habitat.


Bird Watching

Due to its position in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Azores it is possible to observe many species of migratory birds.

More than 400 species of birds can be found, including Priolo, Canário-da-terra, Pigeon-wood, Milhafre and Chaffinch.


Sport fishing

If you prefer adventures on the high seas, sport fishing will provide you with all the excitement and adrenaline of capturing beautiful species.

There is a great variety of species to be found in the clear waters of the island of São Miguel, such as tunas, weevils, mackerels, marlins, bonito, among many others.



There are several circuits that you can choose to do in order to better explore the island, through excursions with personalized and experienced guides that will let you know all that the island of São Miguel has to offer. This way, you can get to know the gastronomy and culture of this little paradise in the middle of the ocean.

When visiting the island of São Miguel, enjoy your vacation, visit and explore all the hidden corners of this beauty, take lots of pictures for later (just to show your friends, because we are sure that they will be remembered forever!) And , most important of all, enjoy every moment of these experiences.

If besides the best activities you are also looking for the best options for your accommodation in São Miguel, see the possibilities we have at your disposal.