e-book: What to do in São Miguel, Azores?

What to do in São Miguel, Azores?

e-book: What to do in São Miguel, Azores? Travel Guide to Azores, made by a local.

The Azores have an enviable beauty, which is why they fascinate and motivate many people to choose this archipelago to spend their holidays. These 9 beautiful islands have many activities that attract tourists, but also their culture and nature attract attention and arouse curiosity. In this ebook we will give you some precious tips on what to do and what to visit while in the Azores, more specifically on the island of São Miguel.

Includes the 15 most important places to visit, with beautiful photos, and links to more information available on the site www.az9.pt

The author has several holiday homes in the Azores, and at the end of the book he offers a 10% discount.

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